These amazing photos are real Will you believe?

These amazing photos are real Will you believe?


This amazing photos are taken at right moment from right corner and they all are real,

20. Military Clone Brush –

It doesn’t matter how many times you tell us that this is just soldiers marching in perfect formation, it still messes with our eyes. It looks like they’ve just clipped one soldier with a clone tool and dragged it across the screen, but of course it isn’t China using trickery to make the Army look bigger, it’s just very disciplined troops marching down the street.

11619. Beach Wallpaper –

There is a non-ridiculous explanation for why this beach suddenly bares a pretty star patter, but here’s a hint. You can blame it on that tractor. This is the work of a comic book genius who built a sand pattern machine out of his old tires. Why they chose to do this instead of creating thousands of huge sea monster footprints to scare off tourists, we’ll never know.

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18. Tree Drawing –

Is this a painting? A close up of a winter scene winter postcard maybe? Nope. It’s an aerial photograph of a dried out river bed in Mexico from National Geographic. Water runoff as it turns out produces the same type of patterns as plaster when they grow new branches, so this is nothing but a fancy looking river.

3417. Barely Legal –

This is one of those in the not just fake, but bad fake categories. Looking like something from a magazine selling bear insurance or something, but in fact it’s one of several pictures of a bear and a family who is keeping it as a pet. The bear was raised in captivity and serves as a pet to Casey Anderson, star of the Expedition Grizzly.

4416. Mortal Painting –

The internet is paste with mind bending images of street art that turns a few panels of sidewalk into a swimming hole or a terrified pedestrian hazard, but it can be as well as a neighborhood swallowing painting. It makes those other paintings look like crap. With most sidewalk art, you can wrap your head around the illusion if you look at it long enough, but this one just gets more insane the longer you think about it.

5415. Dogaroos –

This looks like the kind of shitty Photoshop job you’d see on the Photoshop disaster site, but in fact these dogs live in the Philippines and were born without their front legs. Despite the fact that it looks like these poor guys would topple over the moment they try to wag their tails, apparently it’s possible for dogs to live normal lives this way.

6314. UFO cloud –

Here we have what appears a badly faked UFO photo. This is in fact another type of cloud, which happens when the clouds are positioned perpendicular to the one direction where they get spun into shapes like clay pots. This one was photographed in Damascus Siberia and probably caused the nearest Air Force to shit their pants a bit.

7413. Matrix Car –

That car rendered from what looks to be graphics from some old school computer game is actually a wire frame sculpture by artist Redcliffe and we mean an actual frame made of wires. Reportedly this WRX inspired fake car received a ticket for no number plates and being parked illegally.

84 8512. Off Top Nightmare –

Okay, so this one looks like some joker practicing their affliction effects by cutting and pasting this ridiculous rubber ducky into a harbor full of boats, but no. The crazy artist did it the hard way, creating an actual 100 foot long rubber ducky and sticking it in the water like it was God’s bathtub.

9211. Sending to Hell –

This looks like a bank of escalators seconds before they were buried under a lava flow, but it’s actually one of a hundred decorated subway stations in Stockholm Sweden where the natural bedrock ceiling has been painted. Each station has its own design, earning them the title of the world’s largest art gallery.

10310. Grass Illusion –

This piece of artwork is located in Paris and creating the illusion is actually much harder than you think. The patch of grass isn’t level at all, but to anyone standing in any other spot, it’s not clear as to why weird roots appear in the middle of the city square. Then you stand at the end and your head spins while you’re trying to make sense of it.

1179. High Snow –

This looks like a comical magazine advertisement for all weather tires in some magical land where the snow gets to be three times high than a house, but this is in Japan where the laws of physics do not apply and they receive up to 20 meters of snow each and every year. If you’re wondering how in the world they dig out those perfect lanes, it takes 47,000 hair dryers on full whack  over three massive power consuming days.

1258. Half and Half –

Where the hell do you find perfectly horizontal lines in nature? What you are seeing is actual after affects of a toxic spill in Hungary and the exact line where the sludge rose before receding. Search it up if you’re not convinced.

137. Pussy Copter –

Yes that’s a real cat and yes it has been converted into a remote control helicopter. After his cat was killed by a car, artist Bart Jenson decided to turn his corpse into a flying machine. Of course this seems like one of those things that should be illegal, but what law could he possibly be breaking? I mean, the animal is already dead after all, but I wonder what it would cost to have this done to our own bodies.

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