Spend a Night in a Floating House Sailing River Thames

Spend a Night in a Floating House Sailing River Thames

Airbnb promotes expected growth in London with fully-functioning, floating house you could win the chance of staying in


Spend a Night in a Floating House Sailing River Thames

Airbnb are going from bold move to bold move when it comes to their marketing techniques, with their recent tablet app launch and art installations designed to show the importance of connecting guests with a home. The brand has caught people’s attention yet again with Floating House, an official, albeit unique Airbnb listing that’s currently sailing down London’s River Thames.

Designed by architects and twin brothers Nick and Steve Tidball, the brightly painted blue home features two bedrooms accommodating four people max, one bathroom, a dog kennel, a book collection, and even a private garden filled with real grass and an apple tree. The building, boasting exquisite views, was constructed by production company Star Events and took four months to finish measuring in at eight meters tall and weighing 70 tons.



The Floating House’s route will pass under Tower Bridge and pass by the Houses of Parliament and the London Eye. In doing so it will cross local neighborhoods including Chelsea, Westminster and Canary Wharf for all to see, before docking at Putney Pier on 22 May. This is when a lucky competition entrant will get the chance to take three friends onboard for one night only that will include spa treatments and private dining from some of the city’s top chefs.



This creative marketing stunt was launched to celebrate Airbnb’s new rules that mean Londoners, like the rest of the U.K., can earn a 15 percent pay rise by sharing their homes through the site. These regulations state that U.K. citizens can share their homes with visitors for up to 90 days a year, enabling tourists to tap into a local experience that a hotel or B&B couldn’t offer.

James McClure, Airbnb’s U.K. Country Manager, explains further,

“The Floating House is the ultimate celebration of home sharing and an unforgettable travel experience to bring to the U.K. London is already Airbnb’s third largest city globally and one of the world’s top tourist destinations. With these new, clear rules on home sharing we expect more and more Londoners to open their homes to visitors from across the globe.”

Enter the competition by visiting the Airbnb listing here.