Collapsible Carry-On for Under-the-Bed Storage

Collapsible Carry-On for Under-the-Bed Storage

Barracuda is a collapsible carry-on suitcase packed with features that will make your day if you're a frequent flier


Collapsible Carry-On for Under-the-Bed Storage

In a world where people use suitcases to pack other suitcases, start to clear the clutter and consider getting yourself a Barracuda. This stylish carry-on is packed with features, each of which addresses frequent traveler issues. It might not get you to your flight on time, but it will take care of a whole bunch of inconveniences for you on the way.



The most important element is, of course, the fact that you can easily collapse the suitcase’s hard sides down to a width of 4”, narrow enough to easily stow under a bed or couch.

Additionally, the ergonomic handle swivels 360 degrees, making it easier for users to roll.



Made out of highly durable material, the handle frame will feature inside it an adjustable tray you can pull out and work on. Combine this with the USB charger and you’ve got an item pragmatists will salivate over.



Want to see all this in action? Barracuda came up with a nifty little video highlighting all these benefits.

Finally, users have the option to purchase the location-tracker add-on, which uses GSM-GPRS technology. This gadget doesn’t rely on access to open skies to track; instead it makes use of Bluetooth Low Energy technology which works across mobile networks, meaning you’ll never have to stress at baggage claim once you pair your phone with it.



Barracuda launched its now well over-funded Kickstarter campaign in December 2014, but there are still opportunities for you to help them meet their lofty stretch goals and pre-order one for yourself at a sweet discount. With the campaign ending on May 29, and plans to start shipping suitcases out by the end of November, airports are soon to be replete with convenient commuters.