These Paintings Shows Colorful People We See In Life

These Paintings Shows Colorful People We See In Life


Sneha Yadav, An Indian based visual artist, she initially started with doodles and digital sketches.It took her close to 8 years to get hand stable on the Wacom (Digital Pen & Pad).

Her portraits are inspired by various people from monk to musician. Every portraits shows vibrant colors of life.

Also, she was mentioned in Polka Cafe, among 101  top female Illustrators in India.

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1. Rocky – One of the iconic scenes, strong expressions, the texturing the skin & the blood gave her a high.


2. Sadhu – Holy men in Varanasi are known for their appearance & style of living. Here she spent good time in creating perfect strokes that match the beard & dreadlocks. Moreover the dash of color, added life to the wrinkled  – deep in meditation Sadhu.



3. Bonda tribe – Long forgotten tribe that exists in India – Odisha , are similar to Masais of Africa. Different brushes, strokes, colors & elements, took more than two days to complete. A total labour of love.



4. Adele – Adele’s voice surely gives her goose bumps cause its really electrifying  & missing out on this artwork would be like a crime.




5. Monica Dogra – This artwork was done as for the Dewarists for NH7 Weekender. The lights on the stage were a hindrance, but none the less, she tried to keep it as real as she could



6. Monk in Bhutan – Captured by her photographer friend Gaurav Doshi during his trip to Bhutan, She found this monk lost in his thoughts, after trying out alot of in – motion sketches, this time it was more about calmness.



7. Martin Garrix – This is a part of the Digital Art series since she is a contributor at where she come up with Digital sketches of famous EDM artists at regular Intervals.



8. Nucleya – This artwork has alot of colours & vibrance just like one of his performances. she had to get the madness on the canvas



9. Armin Van Buuren – Again a part of Edmofy’s Art series, Armin on the main stage for Intense.



10. Vishal Dadlani – Sneha often take inspiration from songs & she create her artwork around them. Madari, being a favourite, couldn’t let go off Vishal’s strong vocals, hence sketched them for life!



11. Paul Walker – Sketched him as it was a tribute to the Blue eyed boy of the very famous Fast & Furious series. This was also one of Sneha’s 1st Digital Sketch attempts & wanted the emotions in his eyes to remain deep.