Around The World in 3 Years: Dude Quits Job and Travel 60...

Around The World in 3 Years: Dude Quits Job and Travel 60 Countries


If someone says quit your job and chase your dreams will you do it?
Nope, definitely not, you’ll come up with many ridicules reasons of debts, responsibilities, society status, luxuries and who know what…

But, not this dude, meet Walter Chang, who had enough of excuses. How he achieved his dream to travel the world???

For almost year he slept at friends places, worked extra hours and sold most of his assets, and on faithful day, 13th Sept 2011 he began journey of life time and traveled 60 countries for more than 3 years.

3 years of his journey he had to hitchhike, had to stay overnight in airports, slept outside in parks, and camped. He was robbed of everything in Chile and had his camera gear ruined by water in Uganda. He nearly died when my car flipped over in the deserts of Namibia. yet this dude didn’t gave up on his dream to travel.

We have featured few glipes of his travel.
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